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Definition of Old Time- What Things Were Spiritual Like,
When The New Testament Was Written and
Closer Like, What It Was Like 40 To 50 Years Ago, Things Have Changed Spiritually So, 
" Bring Them Back, Old Time Revivals, Which The Church Lost !" 
 In the sixties, after our Theological Bible Colleges were infiltrated by the deep state's fake Bible professors, in the fifty's "teaching future pastors and leaders in the sixties and forward, erroneous watered down views of the Bible, like and such as, don't speak too loudly when proclaiming the gospel, five reasons for the virgin birth of Jesus/five things against it, don't offend persons who come in by preaching strong doctrines but present what they want to hear plus many other ways taught which watered down the strong truths of the bible.

                            Go ye into all the world, and preach (Not Teach) the gospel to every creature.

   Very  Important Note- Hard Preaching is not screaming, It is knowing how to minister by sometimes talking in a quieter voice and at other times as the Holy Spirit guides talking loudly emphasizing the main points of the presentation so the group will remember these important truths. Most of today's so-called preaching is no different from someone speaking in monotone with no emphasis on the hard truths as to what is needed in a person's life.

For more concerning preaching, "Click Here".

Is Your Church Putting A George Floyd Choke Hold On Jesus? For Answers, " Click Here".
Important Note: Our Web Site at times has been hacked whereas they removed, added words, etc causing chaos as to what we really said, so please bear with us so we are not misrepresented in what is said. Sincere Thanks.
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Who Is Paul Wayne (Smith) ?

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Pastors, Why No Revival?

What Is holding Back Revival That We Must Have For Our Nation To Remain One Nation Under God?

 Listed Below Are Open Reasons

That We Must Each Correct For Revival To Take Place.

This Page - Deep State - God's Way-God's GOV.-5 Fold

    Hello to all who visit this Web Site

I am Paul Wayne ( Smith ) better known as Paul Wayne, and I desire that we get to know each other better. Below I will give you, my Christian life background story along with the calling, God has put on my life, so you will better understand why I minister with such a passion since Jesus is coming very soon and we are to prepare ourselves accordingly,  so we will hear him say, "Well done, my good and faithful servant ". 

Early Years of my life, Education, Work
and My Evangelistic Ministry Association, Calling

I was born,  in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, and raised in a Godly home where we went to church, three times a week or more if we had a revival at church. I can remember some powerful evangelist who brought the reverent fear of God to our church at which time many hearts were changed to serve God more fervently or to be born again into the kingdom of God. I also can remember some Godly pastors who not only preached the basic truths of the Bible but also occasionally checked out to see how each sheep was doing. 

  I myself even though being raised in a Godly home still had a hard time really turning my life over to God. I would go out two or three times a week drinking with my friends and still go to church, three times a week. I became pretty miserable trying to live both life styles. I even taught a class at church and preached a youth revival one summer.

  I led a double life until while I was in college, I knew I would have to chose whether to go with the world's way or turn my heart over to God. After I got into a big fist fight, with one of my drinking buddies and while still somewhat drunk, I decided to go for God's way asking him to forgive me of my sins and asking him to become my Lord and Savior. When I did this, I instantly sobered up and I never went back into that type of lifestyle.  I started praying and reading the Bible  

like I had never done it before, every day and God became my closest friend.

  I attended BSU at the college which was an on-campus Christian organization. For about three years I struggled to live as a Christian l however before going to Mexico to visit missionaries, with other Christians, I had a tremendous experience, with the Holy Spirit after I sat aside for 3 days in order to pray. Since then my life has never been the same. I believe everyone should seek the power of the Holy Spirit to empower them to do God's will in their lives.

  I was licensed as a Sothern Baptist minister and I attended a Bible College in Pensacola, Florida in order to obtain a Bachelor of Theology degree. After Bible college, I pastored two churches and then felt led to work in a couple of non-profit Christian Evangelistic, Mass Media Ministries which used different means to influence and win the lost.

  Today, My biggest desires, through the ministries I am involved in, are, (1) that all persons whom I influence, will know and understand truth, so hopefully they will accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior and (2) to help them to live their lives, free to be free, to understand and worship God in Spirit and Truth, as they were created to do, forever and that (3) the body of Christ will become one as described in our Lord's prayer in John 17.

May God's Grace Be With Us All,

Paul WayneYours In The Lord For Souls, 



* Doctrine and prophecy Issues Notes * 


  Pastor, while at your church, you are the spiritual head and I will respect your church's doctrinal beliefs. My main goal is to teach certain important basics that prove the bible is real and expound on serving God by honoring his warnings so we can serve him with all our hearts and fully worship him.

  My ministry in many ways can be liken to what the Billy Graham's Ministry was like, when the Senior Graham ministered, except I preach the warnings of the Bible and Godly repentance, to not only the unsaved but to the Church as a whole, since I believe as many do, that the problems we have in our country are because the church has allowed the world to influence us instead of us influencing the world as Christ taught.

Two last day churches in book of Revelation

  ( A couple of scriptures I expound on concerning this subject)


 1- The church at Philadelphia, meaning the love of the brethen, and this church received two promises, A- a open door, believed to be rapture door in book of Rev.  and B,  "I will keeep thee from the hour of temptation, which shall come on all the world "and 2- The Laodicea church whose meaning is we the people rule by our understanding deciding matters to the exclusion of what Christ desires. It was a inland city without water (Holy Spirit), whereas water had to be brought in from many miles away and was always lukewarm/ not refreshing)  This church was rebuked by Christ saying,  I will spue you out because you are blind, poor and naked needing to be tried as gold in fire in order for it to see the truth. 

Why No Revival United States ? Why No Revival Houston ?

Houston, We Have A Problem !

The Biggest Problem when Jesus dealt with the Pharisees and Sadducees, was that they did not think they had a sin problem, neither does, I will have to say the Church as a whole today. It is always, no we do not have a problem, you do, which allows sin to continue to grow causing this nation to be under the judgement of God. Sin is like leprosy that deadens the reality that a person has it because feelings are destroyed but true looks /reality (statistics) tell the true story, where the church is. Note: On the contact page we provide links which show true statistics of what has happened since we went into a downward spin because of sin created by heresy.

  Heresy problems: 1- The Church has not taught that the fruits of the Spirit are the very most important gifts , 2- the church has practiced respecter of persons and 3- The church has not allowed all the five fold ministry to minister , primarily not allowing true evangelist to come in and deal with sin. (Note: Todays So Called Faith Teacher, etc Is Not a Evangelist that specifically deals with sin that is the biggest problem and need the church has, to get rid of.

  What keeps us from sin is not gifts of Spirit but our wills. We either can will to sin or I will not sin (I will have no gods before me, I will not committ etc.,etc. ) Our will is determined in our hearts and God knows, we need conviction which usually only comes by fiery Holy Spirit led evangelistic preaching. Our country has become sin soaked and needs badly to be healed however according to 2th Chronicles 7:14,God says," if my people will repent and turn from their evil ways, God will heal our land"  (it does not say the unsaved repent but the church/ then the world will see our examples and want also to be free).

  We have to be willing to recognize we have a sin problem and repent, then true good change /healing will come. When we have a pest problem, we call a exterminator because he is well trained to do, what it takes to get rid of pest. He has the equipment, knowledge etc. to do the job and so does a Godly evangelist who desires number one to bring revival.

 Churches have kicked true evangelist out and what do we have, churches over ran by pest(sin) and these type churches never see the sin until they allow the evangelist to turn the light on. How to get rid of Sin in a Church (1) Pray,Pray and Pray some more and Set up a Revival (s) meeting(s). Let's go back to a Godly America and Let it Begin In Me. (In the older days, a real revival was set up in the Spring and one in the fall, to burn off all under brush (sin). This kept the church and nation, cleaner before the one we call Holy.

 Note: PaulWayne's Teachings On Church Government is primarily for New Startup churches which do not have deacons (and elders0 in positions as the first church and other parts which are so vital so the church can be all it needs to be under God's leading. He believes all churches could benefit if they allow all parts that God has made reference of be set up . Note set-up on 5-fold ministry page. May God help us all to do all his way

Q-A  Is God Judging America ?
Answer : Not the beautiful scenic terrirories but judging the inhabitants who have what is called sin. The problem is where the judgement always begins first( according to his word in the house of the Lord). Large numbers in the church, at this point have proclaimed/confessed very openly, we have no sin even through there lives show otherwise. (divorce,respector of persons, not asking forgiveness from God/Others, not ministering to the least of these (Jesus, calling those who do not, wicky) etc.,etc. which all show sin is rampage which God will Judge shortly if no repentance/ ridance of sin which only the purest of blood can cleanse) 

 What is meant by preaching with fire?


It comes out of our dedication to allow God to ignite our words and his word with the anointing (fire) of the Holy Spirit so that our words are ignited, empowered to touch the hearts that need words of life that can only come from God. Fire burns out the old and after healing, new life starts growing. Oh that we all have new life, God's life.

Important Note: This site was originally created for Senior Pastors and their staff persons however it now is open to all Christians. Paul Wayne Is open to minister to churches, as God directs who desire to help bring Revival to their Church and our country. Pastor if you don't contact Paul Wayne to set up revival, that is your free will decision however if you do not invite in a evangelist(s) as God directs, every year and don't desire to do so, thinking your gifting as pastor will be enough, You still need to know it is God's will to bring in evangelist as presented on this web site or the blood of those who do not get saved (or delivered from sin) because of your neglect , there blood is on your hands. That is just the way it is and God will not hold you guileless but will judge you accordingly. 

Note / What Do You Do, When You Ask Foriveness
and The Person(s) Keep On Attacking You ?
   This is a great question especialy if that person(s) at one time was really close to you like family. The problem if they were or are still close to you and you really asked forgiveness and they did not repent, still attacking you, you must stop communicating less you get a very wounded spirit that no one can bear (Proverbs 18:14). You must pull or get away, untill healed and later try to restore relationship if possible. If not You just have to give it to the Lord until his time if there be one. I have had to do this, a couple of times in my life otherwise I would have died within myself of a broken spirit so I had to protect my very life. You have to remove yourself from those which would only pour poisonous words into you, in order to control you or kill you (1John 3:15), so you can not allow it to happen. The other side is staying and fighting with bad words which would not be Godly. You have to protect your own heart with all deligence (Proverbs 4:23) and not have a wounded spirit, so God can heal you so you can be used again in his love.

2010 - present

2010 - present

                          * Important Note 

Paul Wayne while conducting a revival at your church will always respect you the pastor(s) and not speak on anything that would undermine your leadership as Pastor over your church.

                                                                                   What has divided the body of Christ? 

  The answer is simply different points of view as to what certain scriptures(a few of all scriptures on the subject) say on a certain issue and usually taking a heavy view only on a few scriptures which support that view and in the process, most of the time having great pride that our view is superior to the other person(s) view whereas contention comes separating the person(s) into groups who hold the same view.

  What is the answer to almost issues? The answer is to state and believe all the scriptures( all of God's book, he gave us, not just what we like), no matter if we like what it says or not. In my ministry, I will try to place all scriptures before you, not holding to any certain parts and let you decide for yourself since each of us will be judged by the total bible and not just part of it as many denominations have done as if covering over or destroying what they do not want, which takes away from what the bible says. We are to believe all the bible and not allow the unbelievers to say to us, has God really said that (as the devil did) when we know he has simply said it and we believe it.

   In order for the body of Christ to come together, we must humble ourselves and be willing not to argue or discuss doctrines that always divide us. We must be willing to enter into a peace covenant that states this. My ministry also is involved in an association which is the process of a ministry being set up similar to the Gideons in that Christians come together with other born again church persons who abide by a peace covenant and desire to do charitable works together as well as put out born again testimonies so others may be born again. If you desire to find out more about the "M.O.R.E. Association click Below".  Until this ministry starts here in Houston, Your patience and prayers appreciated, Thanks,  God's best to you always!


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